Hand Luggage


Hand Luggage
You may bring only one piece of hand luggage labelled with your details.
The sum of the dimensions of the baggage (base, height, depth) must not exceed 115 cm.
In any case, It would be opportune to contact your air company or travel agency as the limits may vary from one air company to another.
Passengers may never be separated from their hand luggage.
Personal computers may be taken aboard, with fully functioning batteries as the security officers may require the computer to be switched on for eventual controls.
It is advisable to carry camera film in hand luggage, as if packed in hold baggage, they may be subject to damage by security devices.

Prohibited items in hand luggage
In hand luggage, any item considered dangerous for the security of flights is not permitted, including: toy weapons, catapults, cutlery, knives, razor blades, work tools, darts, scissors, syringes, sewing needles, sport bats, and similar items.
To carry these items they must be put directly in checked luggage or they may be confiscated by the authorities.
A small quantity of liquid is allowed in hand luggage.
This liquid must be carried in recipients with a maximum of 100ml /3,4 once or equivalent (g100).
These recipients must be carried in plastic transparent resealable bags of a capacity of no more than 1 litre or of dimensions 18x20cm and only one bag per passenger.

Liquids allowed: water and other drinks, soups, syrups, perfume, gel, including gel products for body care like bath and shower gel, paste substances including toothpaste, mascara.


Hand Luggage











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