Special Passengers


For children, an assistance service may be requested.
From the arrival in the airport to the moment of boarding, the child will be personally accompanied by an employee.
Once aboard the child will be under the responsibility of the airline.
This assistance must be requested on the booking of the tickets and it is necessary to check age limits for this service which may vary from one airline company to another.

Travelling with an animal
On purchase of ticket it is necessary to inform the airline company of any animal travelling on board either in the cabin with the passenger (animals weighing less than 5kg) or in the hold (animals weighing over 5 kg).
It is advisable to travel with the animal's medical documents.
According to the different destinations and circumstances, the animal may have to be quarantined.
To guarantee the animal a tranquil journey, it is advisable to keep him in an animal carrier of adequate dimensions with a waterproof base.
Please remember to check with the airline which veterinary certificates and/or vaccinations are necessary for the country of destination.

Passengers with metallic prostheses or pace-maker carriers
If you have a metallic prostheses or pace-maker and prefers to not pass through the metal detector for fear of interfering with them, you should tell the security officers who will then check you manually.
It is advisable to bring a medical certificate with you.

Disabled Passengers
In the case of disabled passengers it is possible to contact one or more employees who will help you reach the aeroplane/arrivals by a specially equipped bus.


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